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How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Hi, welcome to Bookey, today we will unlock the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.

When we speak of getting hooked, we might think of overdosing or taking drugs. However, nowadays with the development of technology, things on which you may get hooked come one after another, and you can hardly stand up to them. Once you create an Instagram account, you feel like browsing it once in a while to see how many new followers you have. You force yourself to do outdoor sports every day so as to feel fulfilled about the growing number of steps on your smart sport watch. If you play mobile games, you play one round after another, unable to stop because you want to break the highest record!

In 2018, Vitaminwater, a company under Coca Cola, launched a challenge. It was simple: if the participants did not use any smartphone for one year, they would be rewarded a hundred thousand US Dollars! Even if they managed to do this only for six months, they could still get ten thousand US Dollars.

It sounds like a great opportunity to earn money. But unfortunately, “quitting” your smartphone is more difficult than you thought. Statistics show that 79% of people first check their cellphone after waking up in the morning, and 40% of people suffer from “nomophobia”, the fear or anxiety of not having a phone at hand. Many people say that they would rather live without sex than without a cellphone. That’s right, because they already got hooked on smartphones!

How did we form the habit of constantly browsing our cellphone? Why do some products make us addicted whereas others are quickly left behind? This bookey will unlock the secrets for you!

The book was written by a famous American behavioral design expert Nir Eyal and a well-known copywriter Ryan Hoover. After thoroughly observing and evaluating a large number of company products, they found that almost all successful Internet products followed a “Hook Model”. The model can be divided into four steps. The first one, “trigger”, is to attract people’s attention to the product. The second one ,“action”, is to make people use the product. The third step is to reward, which means to provide continuous rewards to users in order to stimulate them to keep using the product. The final step is investment, making users invest something when using the product such as their time and money.

Eyal and Hoover repeatedly applied and modified the “Hook Model” as they were serving as consultants for many companies in Silicon Valley. Then they jointly published this book, Hooked, to present their research findings to the public. These two experts used over a hundred thousand words to teach product developers a model that will get their users hooked and fall in love with their products!

So, what is exactly the model?

We will unlock this book in detail by answering three questions.

First: what are the benefits of forming user’s habits for companies?

Second: what is the “Hook Model”?

Third: how can we use the “Hook Model”?

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