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The self-help journey of depressives

Hi, welcome to Bookey. Today we will unlock the book Reasons to Stay Alive.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization in 2018, depression is likely to become the second-largest disease after heart disease by 2020. A conservative estimate is that there are 350,000,000 depressives worldwide. Fifteen percent of people who suffer from severe depression will commit suicide, and two-thirds of patients have once thought about it. Every year, there are as many as 1,000,000 people who kill themselves because of depression.

However, even though the circumstances of depression are very serious, the public still doesn’t know much about it. What are the specific symptoms of depression? How on earth do the depressed feel? What kind of disease is it? What should we do if we unfortunately suffer from depression? The book Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig concerns exactly these questions. The author started with his personal experience and made a self-analysis. With a delicate and sincere style, he wrote about his feelings after suffering from depression. What’s more, he presented the struggles of depressives and the truth about the disease, finding reasons to stay alive for all those who are suffering.

The author of this book, Matt Haig, was diagnosed with depression at the age of twenty-four and realized self-salvation through writing. Besides Reasons to Stay Alive, he also wrote several best-selling novels, including The Humans, The Last Family in England, and How to Stop Time. His works have been translated into over thirty languages and won numerous awards. In this book, he shares with us a life journey in which despair coexists with hope and darkness mingles with warmth.

In this Bookey, we will introduce depression and self-help for the depressed in the following three parts:

Part One: Falling into the abyss of depression

Part Two: Self-help for depressives

Part Three: Be brave enough to overcome depression

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